Air Travel Hates Me

For the second time in a row, my flight between Dayton and Phily has been canceled. Amazing how that works. At least this time, I was still at school, and didn't have to spend the night at a hotel or anything. Man, airtravel sucks.

Crazy day, Crazier week.

I decided to go home over midsem break for a long weekend. While home, I mostly prepared things to take back to college with me rather than work on many projects. Looking back, I'm rather bummed out about that. I didn't get any work done on school assignments, which is going to bite hard for the next few days. However, compared to today, the next week has nothing.

Today started out as a normal day and a normal flight home. I was flying with a friend, and our flight had a layover in Detroit, then we would get on a plane to Dayton. Sounds fine. However, when I landed in Detroit and turned on my phone, I had 6 new voicemails, all from Delta, all about my flight. However, all they said was "Hello, this is Delta calling about your flight. We thank you for choosing Delta, and if you have any questions, please visit Deltadotcom." Well.... That was descriptive. So it came as quite a shock to look at the big board and see that my connection was cancelled. My friend and I went all over Detroit airport looking for a help desk that knew what to do. The kiosks didn't know my flight was canceled, and kept reprinting my boarding pass. We got to one desk, and they offered us a flight for monday, which was not really good for classes. Then we both called the 1800 number. My operator offered to put me on a flight tuesday... which was really the wrong answer. Luckily, my friend got on a flight to Indianapolis later that afternoon, and I was able to get a different operator put me on that flight. Finally the kiosk printed out a voucher thing for the new flight, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! When the plane started boarding, the voucher that I had didn't work, and it took them 15 minutes to get it to work. 15 very scary minutes. Luckily, once we got to Indy, a family friend of my friend gave us a ride back to college, for free, so that worked out. Unfortunately, it was so late by that time that everything was closed, so I haven't had any real food since I left PA.

Where have I been?

I've been busy! That's where.
The past two weeks have been waaaay busier than I expected. In Trojan War, I've been spending huge amounts of time doing reading, which has probably been the biggest time drain. In second place has been History of Craft, which has been giving me loads of 15-30 reading assignments about guild systems in early modern europe which have been boring as hell. We also had our first exam in that class, which was done out of class, so it took a bit of time. Geo's been ok, but the prof has been giving us mini reading assignments every class which are boring as hell. Yesterday I gave a 20 minute presentation about brachiopods. It was fun, and wasn't too hard to put together, I was just bummed that I only had less than a week to prepare for it, compared to the second group of presenters, who each get 3 weeks to prep, due to break. Intro to American politics, surprisingly, has been one of the lighter classes, and I'm really liking it. So far, I've learned a ton in it. I'm having my first exam in both Geo and American Politics next week, so I might be busy again next week.

The plus side is that after wednesday next week, I will be flying home for midsem break. It was a really last minute, thing, one of my friends was flying home as well (we both live near each other) and since it can cost more for a taxi to get from college to the airport than from Dayton to Philly, I decided to help him cut costs. I've got a ton of things I want to do when I get home.

First Week of the New Semester

This looks a lot better than last semester. No more spanish, no more corporations. I've had all my classes at least once, all my teachers seem great, and the classes all seem much more enjoyable.
This semester, I have:
Earth History
The Trojan War
The History of Craft
Intro to American Politics
Costume Construction and
Indoor Climbing

All in all, it looks like it will be a very enjoyable few months.

What I did over winter break

I got a lot done this break.
I finished my updated fursuit head (no pics yet)
I made some cowboy chaps for Anjin (no pics, sorry)
I almost completed a commissioned fursuit head in 2 weeks, compared to 6 months before.

Its kinda nice being back at college. At home, things were getting messy. My dad was encroaching on my former territory, and it was really lame having to move everything around. Here, I have my side of the room, where everything is exactly how I left it. There are also 3 meals a day here, which is nice because there was never anything good at home for lunch, and it makes the day a lot simpler. I'm also looking to do some more 2D stuff while I'm here. It was great to do all the 3D stuff at home, but now I really want to draw some.

Bienvenidos a Monteverde, Costa Rica!

It's hard to believe that one year ago today, I had just arrived in Monteverde, and was staring at that thing as it crept menacingly on the wall over my bed.
Looking back, Costa Rica was a great time. I do not regret any feelings of homesickness I had while there, but now I do miss it a lot. There were beautiful flowers and birds, strange foods and birds, and lots of time. It was the one time I've had in over 15 years where I was on a decent sleep schedule. I got a lot of art done, and learned a lot from my time there. I was hoping to go back this winter break, but the times did not line up, so perhaps next year. 2009 had been a strange year for me. It was a year without a winter. I went from fall to summer when I left, and then went to spring when I returned home. For three months, a quarter of the year, I was away from my normal life. It feels like I only got 3/4ths of the 2009 everyone else got. I wonder how 2010 will compare.

Good News Everybody!

Well, I finally got my grades in for my first semester of college. I was expecting rather low grades in a few classes, but I think I did fairly well for myself.
Metals II: B+
Physical Geo: A
Corporations for Activists: B
Intermediate Spanish: B+
Set Construction: A
GPA: 3.44
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Oh yeah, LJ

I've been so busy since I've got home that I've forgotten to update lj for a while. I've been spending most of my time upstairs far away from the computer and internet. I've finished the new version of my fursuit. It's a huge improvement over the previous one, and I'm debating whether or not to show pictures of it, or wait to debut it at Anthrocon.
I've also finished a pair of cowboy chaps, and done a ton of work on two other suits I have on my queue.