Finnish Fox (finnishfox) wrote,
Finnish Fox

Lousy Neighbor

A few weeks ago, late at night, a new guy moved into the single right next to my room. He apparently had a lot of stuff, and was making quite a racket. About a week later, there was a fight in the hallway, possibly involving someone he kicked out of his room. I can only assume it was him, because everyone else on this floor is too antisocial to invite people to our rooms, and we all seem to be the quiet type. However, this guy's been playing loud music which has been vibrating my room, especially my half of the room, since I'm on the side that boarders him. Not wanting to begin hostilities with the guy next to me, I remained quiet, but other people, including from the other floor, would occasionally come by to tell him to please quiet down. To his credit, he did, but the next time he entered his room, the volume would go up up up. Perhaps he didn't remember because he was stoned. It wouldn't surprise me because a few nights ago, from what I have heard from teachers and fellow members of my hall, he was arrested for having 20 marijuana plants in his room. Since then, quiet has returned to my hall.
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