July 15th, 2011


Back from the hospital, ruptured appendix

It's been so long since I've updated LJ that I forgot where the post button was. However, I figured this was important enough to get a mention.

July 4th, I went to the big celebration in Philadelphia with Kojac. That night, I got mild food poisoning, or at least, I thought I did, probably from the chicken on a stick. I got over it fairly quickly, but I still had mild intestinal blurbling. That intestinal stuff would start out barely noticeable, but by the end of each day, would be pretty bad. A week later, it was getting really bad at the end of the day, and I also noticed the pain was concentrated on my lower right side. I finally saw my doctor on Tuesday the 12th, and he poked me in the stomach for a bit, before calling a wheelchair and taking me down to the emergency room.
After doing a bunch of tests and CT scans, they discovered I had a ruptured appendix.
This was really, really, odd. Every time I've heard of someone with a ruptured appendix, they're on the floor flailing and vomiting. I was in almost no pain, talking to people as if I was there for a stubbed toe. The doctor was all ready to go in and pull the thing out, which because it was ruptured, would have required a giant incision and weeks of recovery time, but when he saw me, he decided that simply putting me on antibiotics would be better. Apparently, for rare, mild cases such as mine, antibiotics are all that's needed.
They put me in a hospital room and started pumping me with antibiotics, and checking my vitals every few hours, and drawing blood. I had Kojac and Kage visit me the first day I was there, and for that, I am very grateful. Once they left when visiting hours were over, the room was incredibly empty and depressing. There was someone down the hall screaming incessantly, which probably didn't help my mood. I was also scared shitless. I've never heard of people escaping ruptured appendicitis with their appendices intact. However, the next day, at about 2pm, they released me.
Looking back, I was incredibly lucky. To spend less than 2 days in the hospital for a ruptured appendix? I didn't know that was possible. I have to take pills several times a day, but I feel 100% normal. I was really, really, lucky.
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