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The Furry Renaissance Man Dude

July 15th, 2011

Back from the hospital, ruptured appendix @ 01:16 pm

Current Mood: relieved relieved

It's been so long since I've updated LJ that I forgot where the post button was. However, I figured this was important enough to get a mention.

July 4th, I went to the big celebration in Philadelphia with Kojac. That night, I got mild food poisoning, or at least, I thought I did, probably from the chicken on a stick. I got over it fairly quickly, but I still had mild intestinal blurbling. That intestinal stuff would start out barely noticeable, but by the end of each day, would be pretty bad. A week later, it was getting really bad at the end of the day, and I also noticed the pain was concentrated on my lower right side. I finally saw my doctor on Tuesday the 12th, and he poked me in the stomach for a bit, before calling a wheelchair and taking me down to the emergency room.
After doing a bunch of tests and CT scans, they discovered I had a ruptured appendix.
This was really, really, odd. Every time I've heard of someone with a ruptured appendix, they're on the floor flailing and vomiting. I was in almost no pain, talking to people as if I was there for a stubbed toe. The doctor was all ready to go in and pull the thing out, which because it was ruptured, would have required a giant incision and weeks of recovery time, but when he saw me, he decided that simply putting me on antibiotics would be better. Apparently, for rare, mild cases such as mine, antibiotics are all that's needed.
They put me in a hospital room and started pumping me with antibiotics, and checking my vitals every few hours, and drawing blood. I had Kojac and Kage visit me the first day I was there, and for that, I am very grateful. Once they left when visiting hours were over, the room was incredibly empty and depressing. There was someone down the hall screaming incessantly, which probably didn't help my mood. I was also scared shitless. I've never heard of people escaping ruptured appendicitis with their appendices intact. However, the next day, at about 2pm, they released me.
Looking back, I was incredibly lucky. To spend less than 2 days in the hospital for a ruptured appendix? I didn't know that was possible. I have to take pills several times a day, but I feel 100% normal. I was really, really, lucky.

December 15th, 2010

The Past Few Months @ 04:53 pm

Current Mood: relieved relieved

This is my first post in months. Since then, a lot has happened. Right now, I'm back at home on winter break looking back on the recent quarter year. To say the least, this past semester has been some of the most stressful in my life. I had a shitty roommate (more like pissy, actually), I had several deaths with friends and family, and throughout it all, a workload bigger than anything I'd seen in years, more so that I'd had in AP art.

The semester started when I drove to the college parking lot and began unloading my things into my new room. I got my key to the room from the RA, and she said to me, "and it looks like Nick is already moved in!" Who's Nick? It turns out that my roommate from last year (the one who missed the last month of classes) didn't return. The administration paired me with a freshmen. Ok, I was expecting something like this to happen. To make a long story short, it didn't work out. Oh boy, did it not work out. At first, I couldn't open my closet door without rearranging my furniture. That I could live with, but then there was the roommate himself. It started getting really bad when he brought some bimbo back to the room who made Snooki look like a cultured member of society. That was the first time I've ever been sexiled. It only went downhill from there. He started bringing her back earlier and earlier, and they kept waiting till they though I was asleep to start having sex. One day, he left for classes and left her in the room asleep while I had to get ready for class. He came back about ten minute before I had to leave, and they started making out really really loudly. When I came back after class, there was a used condom on the window sill. On top of this, he would leave gatorade bottles around his area that were half filled with piss or tobacco spit. Yes, it was fucking piss. He didn't even bother to close them, they were all open. Luckily, one of my friend's friend was looking for a roommate. I toured the room; he had Alan Lee paintings, van Gogh posters relating to Dr. Who, and newspaper clippings from Obama's senate run. Yeah, it was a pretty damn good match. The only problem is since then, we're so alike we keep distracting each other.

A few weeks after this, I went to West PA furry Weekend. It was very fun, but it meant a weekend of work I'd have to make up. The week leading up, I was very busy preparing, but I though I'd gotten most of the work out of the way. I was still really busy, and really stressed. I had lab that wednesday, and my lab partner didn't show up, so I was stuck doing a lab by myself that was really really long, and I was pretty drained by the end of it. The next day, I was in metals class when I heard that a student's body had been found back campus. I learned later that night that it was my lab partner, he had committed suicide.

I left the next day for WPAFW. When I got back, I got a call from my dad, my grandfather had passed away the first night of the con. It wasn't unexpected, but it was still rather sudden. I had no idea it was so imminent. About a week later, I got another call, my grandmother had passed away. I had seen her over the summer, and I knew that that was the last time I'd get to see her. My parents had told me that so often, but that time was the time. Her death was a lot more expected, but still, one never likes to hear that two close family members have passed away.

When I got back from WPAFW, I was also hit with more and more work. I had no time to myself at all. I was spending all my time working on reading or essays. Pretty much, I spent all of october and the first half of november doing work. Nothing else. Every time I though I had reached the downhill, I found I had even more work. At this point, my grades in chemistry took a huge hit, and really disappointed me, because I like to think of myself as a scientist and it's really disheartening to get a 65% on the midterm. I just didn't have time to study for chemistry when I had a 12 page research paper due, or 75 pages of reading to do. As it turned out, while most classes peak at around the start of December, many of my classes peaked in the middle of November, so at least I sorta got a chance to unwind after thanksgiving, right in time for FINALS! I think I did well for myself on most of them, and I'm hoping my chemistry grade will be drastically improved by it.

So, here I am now, finally with nothing ahead of me for weeks. I really need this break. Finally, a little time to myself. Hopefully the future will be better.

July 6th, 2010

Open for Fursuit Commissions! @ 11:57 pm

Current Mood: anxious anxious

I said I was opening for fursuit commissions today, and I still got 5 minutes left! I've got 3 slots open, and only 3 slots. Slots will go on a first come, first serve basis. Because I can only work on suits while I'm not at college, I cannot guarantee a completion date. I will do the best I can. Anyways, here's my newish website to go check out!

May 31st, 2010

FA United @ 12:10 pm

I just got back from FA U. I had a great time, even though there wasn't much to do at the convention. I was kinda bummed that more locals didn't show up. I was glad I got to fursuit a lot at this con, I got to practice and get in shape for next month's con. I met a few new cool people, too. I've had Matthew Ebel songs stuck in my head for the past 48 hours. This con has also gotten me fired up for working on suits again. I got a bunch to do over the next few weeks, I hope I have enough time.

May 10th, 2010

Past few Weeks @ 01:35 am

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. The biggest is that I successfully finished my first year of college. I think things went very well, all in all. I did hit a snag with History of Craft. I ended up not doing the essay, as I calculated my grade and realized as long as I got a B on the last test, I would be ok. I have no idea how I did on it, as it was all subjective, and the teacher can probably find numerous faults with it to avoid giving me a good grade. Instead, I did the extra credit assignment for Intro to American Politics, a much easier and enjoyable class. I hope the two extra credit points I got will help balance out any negative effects of Craft.
It took two days to arrive home. I was all prepared to hit the ground running and work on various projects, but I got sidetracked by the fact that I now have *no room* left in my room or studio to do any work. so basically, I've spent the past day and a half cleaning out my room in hopes that I'll have the space to clear out the studio. I really want to get to work, but I don't know when I'll have the space to.

April 21st, 2010

Credit Question @ 12:28 am

In my History of Craft class, I currently have a 68% because I missed a single homework assignment. I have one more exam in the class, plus 6 extra credit points for attendance (5 if I missed the sign in sheet during a flameworking demo). I have the ability to write an extra credit essay for a total of five extra points. Do I take the time to write the essay on a topic I do not like?

April 16th, 2010

Who's going to FA U and/or Anthrocon? @ 11:10 pm

Well, who's going?
Also, I'm reopening conbadge commissions for both cons. Same rules as always; $10/ badge, landscape or portrait, done in watercolor or other medium if specified. I can take paypal at my normal email address, but if you choose paypal, it's $11. Here's examples from last year.

April 7th, 2010

This Just In @ 09:42 pm

History of Craft is my new Corporations for Activists. Only 4 weeks left of it, at least.

April 4th, 2010

Finnish Fox v3.999999999999 @ 12:24 am

Current Mood: content content

Back when I started Finnish v3, one of my friends told me that v2 was twice as good as v1, so v3 should be 3 times as cute as v2. After I completed my suit, I felt I had let her down. Although v3 was much better constructed than v2, it seemed to me and to several other people that the cuteness and visual aesthetic between them was mostly equal. For as long as I've had v3, I've been tweeking him. After AC 07, I tried to fix his muzzle, got rid of the foxstach, and made it more triangular, but it still didn't look right. Before MFF 08, I totally remade the jaw, finally getting adequate motion from it, but something about it was still off. Then, this summer I decided to give him new headfur, so the top of his head wouldn't always be washed out in photographs. As I removed the headfur, one thing lead to another, and well, this happened. I'm much more satisfied with the results now.
I essentially stripped my old suit's head to the wireframe, redid the basic structure of the muzzle, cut away foam in some places, added it to others, and refurred him with new head and ear fur.
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March 25th, 2010

Lousy Neighbor @ 04:29 pm

A few weeks ago, late at night, a new guy moved into the single right next to my room. He apparently had a lot of stuff, and was making quite a racket. About a week later, there was a fight in the hallway, possibly involving someone he kicked out of his room. I can only assume it was him, because everyone else on this floor is too antisocial to invite people to our rooms, and we all seem to be the quiet type. However, this guy's been playing loud music which has been vibrating my room, especially my half of the room, since I'm on the side that boarders him. Not wanting to begin hostilities with the guy next to me, I remained quiet, but other people, including from the other floor, would occasionally come by to tell him to please quiet down. To his credit, he did, but the next time he entered his room, the volume would go up up up. Perhaps he didn't remember because he was stoned. It wouldn't surprise me because a few nights ago, from what I have heard from teachers and fellow members of my hall, he was arrested for having 20 marijuana plants in his room. Since then, quiet has returned to my hall.

The Furry Renaissance Man Dude